Containers with screw lids. For dietary supplements, sports nutrition, powders, liquid substances (if you insert an isolon gasket)


In pharmaceuticals

• In cosmetics

• In the chemical industry


Available in basic colors (White, Black). It is also possible to manufacture a jar and a lid of any color (check with the manager).


Main positions:

        1) В80/38, В200, В300, В600, В 1000, В7000

        2) 33-400 60 ML, 33-400 75 ML, 38-400 75 МL, 38-400 100 МL, 38-400 120 МL, 38-400        150 МL, 45-400 150 МL, 38-400 175 МL, 38-400 200 МL, 45-400 250 МL, 45-400 300 МL,    45-400 400 МL, 45-400 500 МL

At the request of the client, we can order other options for containers and bottles (under the order, check with the manager)

We always try to have several hundred white containers in stock. If you are interested in a can or a lid of a certain color or size, production terms, availability are discussed and specified with the manager separately. The process takes from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the order size.


The cost depends on the volume and specifics of the order. If you have decided on the required number and type of cans, the manager will tell you the price by phone.

Country of origin: Ukraine