Capsule is a metered container for filling with various dosage forms, consisting of a hard or soft gelatin shell. Capsules are filled with one or more active ingredients in pure form or with the addition of auxiliary ingredients and are used entirely, without opening the shell.

Our company provides contract manufacturing services for medications in solid cylindrically shaped capsules with hemispherical ends, they consist of two parts which can be locked without gaps.

Encapsulation is carried out in the following cases:

  • to eliminate the effects on taste buds;
  • to hide unpleasant odors;
  • in order to prevent subsidence of powdered substances;
  • accurate dosage of the medications;
  • for the delivery of medications directly to the gastric tract before the active substances start acting.
Capsule 1

Capsule 1

Capsule of “0” size; weight: 0.350-0.450 grams.
Capsule 2

Capsule 2

Capsule of “00” size; weight: 0.500-0.750 grams. Сolors available: transparent ...
Capsule 3

Capsule 3

Capsule of “1” size; weight:  0.1 grams. Сolors available: transparent ...

Capsules are filled with the following components:

  • powdered fillers;
  • dry plant extracts;
  • finely divided vegetable raw materials.

The production of dietary supplements in hard gelatin capsules has its own characteristics, which are associated with the properties of the shell, highly sensitive to moisture. This requires strict adherence to technology (temperature and humidity), specially prepared rooms, special equipment and trained personnel.

Our company has all the necessary conditions for the production of high-quality tablet products. Production control is carried out in accordance with ISO 22000: 2007 “Food Safety Management System. Requirements for any organization in the food chain”, which is a guarantee of the production of effective and safe goods.

We offer:

  • full cycle of a hard gelatin capsules production;
  • mixing and granulation of active and auxiliary substances;
  • production of encapsulated preparations according to the partners’ recipes and their technological maps;
  • packing capsules in a blister pack or jar;
  • collecting of blisters and jars in sales packaging.

A professional approach to manufacturing is the key to high quality products!