Final Product Packaging

Packaging is an important part of the manufacturing process of medicines and dietary supplements. It provides protection of products from external damage and environmental influences, serves for storage, relocation and transportation of them.

Exist the following types of packaging: primary, secondary, group and for transport. The primary one means direct contact with the product; therefore, it must meet the relevant public sanitary standards.

Packaging can also carry out information and marketing functions. In this case, the product data (name, manufacturer, trademark, composition, quantity, method of use, date of manufacture, storage conditions, expiration date, etc.) is applied on the outer side of the box, jar or sachet.

Final Product Packaging

Upon a customer’s choice, we pack the final product in various packaging and apply additional information on it (if necessary).

We offer:

  • jars and bottles of various sizes;
  • polymer bags of various sizes;
  • cardboard boxes and stuff.

All packaging is certified and complies with public sanitary standards in accordance with provisions of defined product type. Storage of packaging material takes place in our own storehouse, which meets the appropriate conditions for the preservation of all quality properties (correct temperature, humidity, cleanliness).

A professional approach to manufacturing is the key to high quality products!