Flow-pack is the type of packaging in three side seal bags. Its advantages have long been known: economy, attractive form, convenience and safety.

The three-side seal package protects the product from moisture and from the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the package while using metallized films. That is why such packaging is used for a huge variety of product groups in the food, cosmetic and non-food industries. Any piece product that can be put on a conveyor belt may be placed in this packaging type.

Our company has all the necessary conditions for the production of quality products in flow-pack. Production control is carried out in accordance with ISO 22000: 2007 “Food Safety Management System. Requirements for any organization in the food chain”, which is a guarantee of the production of effective and safe goods.

We offer:

  • a full cycle production of standard-type flow-packs;
  • delivery of products in flow-pack within individual sizes;
  • collecting flow-packs in boxes.

Packaging material: heat sealable laminate film: such as OPP, aluminized, POPP and other laminated heat sealable packaging films (except for pure PE).

Film width, mm max. 250
Diameter of roll, mm max. 320
Empty packet length with seals, mm  90-220
Empty packet length, mm 30-110
Height, mm max. 40