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Gelatin capsules are made on the basis of gelatin, without use of synthetic polymers and esters. It is obtained in the process of collagen disintegration when interacting with water, and the raw materials are the connective tissues of some representatives of the fauna: hooves, horns, bones, tendons, etc. Preliminarily, the starting material undergoes thorough cleaning with alkalis or acids, splitting into various amino acid chains, which are subsequently transformed into gelatin capsules.

The composition and properties of the gelatin shell are selected so as to mask the bitter or mawkish taste of the drug when taken orally.

Hard gelatin capsules consist of two cylindrical parts: a body with a hemispherical base and a cap of the same shape, but shorter. The inner diameter of the cap is actually equal to the outer diameter of the body. When connected, the two parts form a container of standard sizes.


1. In contrast to hard compressed tablets, the contents of gelatin capsules digest more easily in the human body.

2. Provides convenience of intake by eliminating odor and taste, easy to swallow.

3. Widely applied in food and pharmaceutical industries all over the world.

4. High accuracy of filling capsules with various substances.

5. Ideal for moisture sensitive, hygroscopic formulations. Not exposed to light, humidity, temperature extremes.

6. Optimal packaging for gelatin capsules is considered sealed blisters or sealed jars/bottles with a silica gel pouch.

7. Suitable for all types of products. 8. Size 0 of gelatin capsules usually contains between 300 mg and 800 mg of powder. Size 00 of gelatin capsules usually contains between 450 mg and 1100 mg of powder.

Size CoverBodyFeatures
Белая капсула 00 # length : 11,28-11,74 diameter: 8,53 length : 19,76-20,22 diameter: 8,18 total length : 22,2-23,3 middleweight: 118
Прозрачная капсула 0 # length : 10,26-0.72 diameter: 7,64 length : 17,98-18,44 diameter: 7,34 total length : 20,7-21,7 middleweight: 96
Прозрачная капсула 1 # length : 9,32-9.78 diameter: 6,91 length : 16,15-16,61 diameter: 6,63 total length : 18,4-19,4,7 middleweight: 76
Packaging1 box, 70 000 pcs
ColourWhite-white, clear-clear
StorageCool, dry, dark and ventilated place
Packaging 1 box, 100 000 pcs
Colour White-white, clear-clear
Size 0
Storage Cool, dry, dark and ventilated place