Liquid form

Some medications and dietary supplements are available in liquid form. It includes concentrates, drops, extracts, solutions, drinks, which can be taken in pure form or diluted with water.

The advantages of the liquid form are:

  • accelerated absorption of active components;
  • quick effect;
  • comfortable use.

Our company produces the following types of liquid dietary supplements:

  • concentrates;
  • drops;
  • beverages.

The production of dietary supplements in liquid form has its own characteristics and requires strict adherence to technology (temperature and humidity), specially prepared rooms, special equipment and trained personnel.

Liquid form

Our company has all the necessary conditions for the production of quality sachet-type products. We carry out the production control in accordance with ISO 22000: 2007 “Food Safety Management System. Requirements for any organization in the food chain”, which is a guarantee of the production of effective and safe goods.

We offer:

  • development of new effective recipes;
  • liquid dietary supplements production;
  • selection of capacity of the required volume;
  • bottling liquids on a high-tech line;
  • assistance in the own brand registration in public bodies;
  • technical conditions development;
  • product certification;
  • assistance in packaging design.

A professional approach to manufacturing is the key to high quality products!