NUTRIDEM LLC has been a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements and sports nutrition for more than 25 years. We produce healthy goods for those who care about their well-being and active lifestyle. We offer products that meet current requirements in terms of efficiency, safety and price.

We offer high-quality sports nutrition for athletes of any level: from beginners to professionals. The product range includes the most popular positions: vitamin complexes, gainers, proteins, amino acids, energy and other products that allow athletes to achieve high results and ordinary people to lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle, feel better and maintain workability.

One of our spheres of activity is contract manufacturing. This is a quick and reliable way to produce items under any own brand with minimal financial expenses.

The capacities of our enterprise make it possible to establish the production of biologically active additives and sports nutrition of a private brand using various technologies in any volumes and forms of release. The machinery includes certified equipment for conducting the production process and quality monitoring of the entire cycle, starting with the selection of raw materials and ending with the final stage of collection, packaging and storage of ready goods.

A quality management system is introduced in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000:2018. “Food Safety Management System for Special Medical Purposes, Dietary Supplements and Sports Nutrition Products (Category K)”. The company pays increased attention to quality control at every stage, including testing of all used components and the final product as well.

Nowadays the world market is in high demand with high-quality products. Due to our high efficiency, safety and reasonable pricing policy we can assert, without exaggeration, that we are ready to compete with foreign manufacturers of food additives and sports nutrition. After all, the consumer wins: the more offers the more choices.



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