Sachet-type packaging

Sachet is a flat three or four side seal bags used for storing medicines and dietary supplements. The name of the package comes from the French word “sachet” (pouch). The design involves the use of multilayer polymer films or combined materials of increased tightness and with high barrier properties. Thanks to these properties, the sachet perfectly stores and protects the packaged product within the declared shelf life.

Sachet-type packaging is used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and is used for batch packaging of products of different consistency: dry goods, liquids, gels, creams, pasty products.

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The production of dietary supplements in sachet-type packaging has its own characteristics and requires strict adherence to technology. First the dry powder is grinded, sieved and granulated, then is weighed and packaged in bags with four-side sealing. Machine tools are made of high-quality stainless steel to prevent a chemical reaction when the product comes into contact with parts of the equipment. The size of the bag can be changed in accordance with the technical capabilities of the equipment. The whole process is automated and controlled by the operator through an electronic remote control.

Our company has all the necessary conditions for the production of quality sachet-type products. We carry out the production control in accordance with ISO 22000: 2007 “Food Safety Management System. Requirements for any organization in the food chain”, which is a guarantee of the production of effective and safe goods.

We offer:

  • a full cycle of production of a standard sachet-type packaging;
  • delivery of individually sized products in sachets;
  • mixing and granulation of active and auxiliary substances;
  • production of drugs according to the recipes of partners and their technological maps;
  • collecting sachets in packaging.

A professional approach to manufacturing is the key to high quality products!